💨 Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg – Get Down Tonight [Official Video]

👉 Blakkamoore – New album “Upward Spiral” – May 1st, 2020.

Get Down Tonight Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg
(W. Henry, C. Broadus, A. Bain)
Produced by Moon Bain & Jahdan Blakkamoore (Paperstars)
Drums, programing, synths: Andrew Moon Bain
Bass programing, synths: Jahdan Blakkamoore
Live Strings arranged by Robbie Crowell
Mixed by Ginarro Schianno @ Dungeon Studios, FL

Director : CERËGA (
Production manager : Bilel Allem
Art direction : CERËGA / Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / Vincent Verniers / Victor Delorme
Animation / Layout : CERËGA / Maxime Saillard / Léa-Marie Lemaire / Marine Doucet / Vincent Verniers / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Adrien Gaudin
Post Production : Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / CERËGA
Background colorist : Nihat / Hassan / Alice Piro / Vivienne Chim / Adrien Gaudin / Francesca Sudano / Victor Lhuillier / Victor Delorme / Théo Sigot / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan
Background Designers : Simon Chassanne / Gabriella Coumau / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Nihat Hassan

“Get Down Tonight” sees BLAKKAMOORE and long-time songwriting and production partner Andrew “Moon” Bain (collectively known as Paperstars) reconnect with Snoop. The duo
were among the main writers and producers on Snoop’s Grammy-nominated 2013 reggae album, Reincarnated.
The animated video, by French illustrator CERËGA ( stars Snoop and Blakkamoore as aliens who come to earth to “infect” people with good vibes, then fly back to space after hosting a killer party inside a dormant volcano.
Of working with Snoop once more, BLAKKAMOORE says:
“It was an awesome experience. Imagine being in the studio with a legend humble enough to give you creative control, talented enough to accomplish whatever we set out to create and high
enough to keep things lit the whole time.”

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