18 Unique Courses You Didn't Know Existed

Business administration, marketing, computer science – so pedestrian! Now, if you’re looking to take some really offbeat and fun college courses in the U.S. that’ll set you apart from the crowd, then how about giving something more unusual?

For example, Central Michigan University has a great wizarding program! Ok, you won’t study magic or anything, but you will learn everything you need to know about Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world. The course is called “To Hogwarts: An intensive study of Harry Potter through the British Isles“. And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’d defenitely like the course that is called “The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention“. But there’s more!

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Auctioneering 0:24
Canadian Studies 1:01
Ethical Hacking 1:33
Astrobiology 2:33
Entertainment Engineering and Design 3:07
Bowling Industry Management and Technology 3:43
Wasting Time on the Internet 4:07
Family Enterprise 4:43
Nannying 5:05
Harry Potter 5:31
The Art of Language Invention 6:07
Blacksmithing 6:57
Nautical Archeology 7:22
Floral Management 7:57
Bakery Science 8:30
Adventure Education 8:48
Popular Culture 9:16
Wildlife 9:47

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– The Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania offers a course called Auctioneering that teaches you everything there is to know about the trade.
– Dakota State University offers the Ethical Hacking Graduate Certificate, where they’ll teach you all the tricks to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a wide range of technological systems.
– If you major in Astrobiology, you’ll learn about the search for planets beyond our solar system, the origin and evolution of life on earth, and the sustainability of life in extreme environments.
– Any-who, getting a degree in Entertainment Engineering and Design will give you a better understanding of the art (and business!) of entertainment.
– What better field of study to take when enrolling at a prestigious and historic Ivy League school like the University of Pennsylvania? If you’re hoping that your time in this class will be spent looking at memes and cat videos, then I’ve got great news – that’s exactly what you do!
– For all the students who are planning to run the family business after you graduate, you might want to major in Family Enterprise Management.
– Any parent would feel more comfortable hiring a pro in childcare that knows how to provide their kids with a safe environment.
– Any Lord of the Rings fans out there who always dreamed of speaking Elvish can take Quenya and Sindarin at the University of Wisconsin!
– Finishing the Metalsmithing and Blacksmithing program at Southern Illinois University won’t have you winning medieval sword fights or anything. But you would be proficient in the art of working with and creating things using metal!
– By studying Nautical Archeology, you’ll be able to don your diving suit and search for lost underwater artifacts of ancient civilizations and explore shipwrecks.
– A degree in Floral Management will give you a wide variety of career options, including freelance floral designing, garden design and management, media design and styling, as well as wedding and bridal design planning.
– Those of you who spend hours in the kitchen baking cookies, cakes, and pastries that get gobbled up within seconds, a course in Bakery Science could turn you into a real pro!
– Yes, adrenaline junkies, there’s a unique course for you too! From white water rafting, rock climbing, wilderness exploration, and tons of other adventurous activities, Plymouth State University has you covered.

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