Building Time Live Stream: 5 Minute Challenge

Framing Time: Odd Time Signatures by Zac Treby
Hardcore Rudiments: Challenges by Zac Treby
Afro-Cuban Cascara Rhythms by Zac Treby
Building Time: Approaches To Keeping Time by Zac Treby

Note: E-books are available for purchase on the website:

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Zac Treby’s Online Drum School

Zac Treby’s Online Drum School is a performing arts private Drummers Academy. It offers all levels of Courses and Programs in a wide range of Contemporary and Historical including Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Drum N Bass, Salsa, Heavy Metal and more.

OBJECTIVES: Zac Treby’s Online Drum School strives to:

• Offer curricula focused on developing essential knowledge and practical skills.

• Provide a wide variety of diverse resources with active professional expertise and experience.

• Training students designed and equipped according to professional music and entertainment industry standards.

• Emphasize current applications in the context of historical and current trends and influences.

• Emphasize the exploration of global and experimental musical influences.

• Provide students with regular examples of successful artists and professionals.

• Provide resources, and support for professional and creative collaboration, the development of their craft and networking opportunities.

• Provide resources, and support to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industry.

• Create an institutional-wide culture that celebrates diversity, is positive, and inspirational to the community at large.

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