Kaifi Azmi Biography

Sayyid Akhtar Hussein Rizvi, known as Kaifi Azmi (January 14, 1919 — May 10, 2002) was an Indian Urdu poet. He was considered to be one the greatest Urdu poets of 20th century. Kaifi Azmi was married to Shaukhat Azmi. They have a daughter, Shabana Azmi and Baba Azmi.

He was the recipient of Padma Shri one of the Indian Government’s highest civilian awards. Besides he was awarded the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Award and the Sahitya Akademi Award.

Azmi died on May 10, 2002 at around the age of eighty-three.

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What To Put In Your Instagram Bio For Real Estate Agents

What To Put In Your Instagram Bio For Real Estate Agents

You need to know what to put in your Instagram bio if you want an Instagram professional account that will get you real estate leads and business. Once you know what to put in Instagram bio, and actually do it, your Instagram Bio can be a source of real estate lead generation. “What should I include in my Instagram bio” is a common question – whether you’re new to Instagram or already have a following. So I’ve put together some Instagram bio ideas and Instagram bio tips that will help you use Instagram for real estate marketing.

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The best Instagram bio is the one that allows your Instagram account to be found by those ready to do business with you. For real estate agents, that means someone ready to buy or sell a house. I’ll show you some Instagram bio examples that’ll give you some Instagram ideas for real estate marketing. Once you know how to make a good Instagram bio, you’ll for sure want to include an Instagram call to action. The perfect Instagram bio will include some Instagram bio tricks. Instagram real estate marketing is a perfect way to get more business for Realtors. So much more fun than making cold calls! Yes, Instagram for real estate agents is legit. It’s time! Creating the perfect Instagram bio is the first step in growing your real estate business with Instagram! Let’s check out some Instagram Bio Hacks right now!

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Professional Roofing Contractor Services Commercial HC47a With Background Music Video Effects Lab

Professional Roofing Contractor Services Commercial HC47a

Please quote video ID HC47a when ordering this Professional Roofing Contractor Services Video Commercial. This video has background music so differs from HC47

We at Video Effects Lab provide highly engaging and professional video commercials for the home contractor.

We have a wide range of “off the shelf” home contractor videos that are affordable and highly professional. We offer customization to your business with the addition of two animated stingers.

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Home Contractor Promo Videos

HC38 Roofer Repair, Replacement or Maintenance

HC39 Professional Roofer, Gutter Repair or Maintenance – UK

HC39a Roofer – Gutter Repair or Maintenance – US

HC40 Professional Roofing Contractor Video Commercial ID HC40

HC40a Professional Roofing Contractor

HC41 Professional Waterproofing Specialist

HC42 Professional Roofing Contractor UK

HC43 Window Repair and Replacement Contractors

HC43a Window Replacement and Service Contractors

HC44 Window Repair and Replacement Contractors

HC45 Window Replacement and Service Contractors

HC46 Professional Solar Energy Contractor Specialists

HC47 Professional Roofing Contractor

Stingers are small video clips that are inserted before or after a video, oftentimes both.

These are called intro stingers and outro stingers. We also have logo stingers, which showcase your business logo.

When you choose one of our done for you video commercials you get to choose two animated video effect stingers from our entire portfolio.

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Hard Rock Backing Track for Drummers – 90 BPM Drumless no Click

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Drumless Backing tracks:
25 Basic Grooves for Drums:
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Dumless Pop Rock, from 100 to 200 bpm:
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Recorded at MusicArt studio (Rapallo -GE)
All guitars player by Pier Gonella
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Base musicale per batteria, registrata e prodotta presso MusicArt studio (Rapallo -GE)
Pista de acompañamiento para bateria
Blues Pop Spotify
Rock Backing Tracks on Spotify:
Rock Backing Tracks on Itunes:
Blues Pop Backing Tracks on Itunes:
Base musicale per batteria, registrata e prodotta presso MusicArt studio (Rapallo -GE)
Pista de acompañamiento para bateria

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KORG PA 50 professional arranger synth performing Home Beat music in 3D 4K UHD

The professional music arranger KORG Pa50 performing Home Beat music, with one of the built-in styles. Full review of the music instrument is available at

Video recorded with Sony Handycam HDR-TD30VE digital camcorder with automatic settings in artificial light in 3D mode. Sound is recorded with the built-in the camcorder Dolby Surround microphone.

If you don’t have equipment for watching 3D videos, simply turn off the 3D with the 3D icon on the bottom right of the video. Watching this video with Safari on iPad will give you two side by side pictures.

Watching in 3D is recommended.

Професионалния музикален аранжор – Корг Па50 изпълняващ Домашна Бийт музика, с един от вградените стилове. Пълно ревю на музикалния инструмент е налично на

Видеото е заснето със Сони Хендикем HDR-TD30VE дигитална камера с автоматични настройки на естествена светлина. Звука е записан с вградения в камерата Долби Съраунд микрофон.

Ако нямате оборудване за гледане на 3D видеa, просто изключете 3D-то от 3D иконата в долния десен ъгъл на видеото. Гледането на това видео с Safari на iPad ще ви даде две картини една до друга.

Препоръчително е гледането във Висока Резолюция с 3D очила.

KORG Module Pro (KORG Module v3): New Features

Renewed KORG Module series brings a new library and split/layer support!

KORG Module for iPad/iPhone has been updated to version 3. This new version makes it even easier to play with professional level sound both in the studio and in live performance. The sound browser feature has been remodeled making it easier to find the sound that you desire. The application name for version 3 has also been revised from KORG Module to KORG Module Pro. For those who already have KORG Module, this new version will change to KORG Module Pro, and for those who have KORG Module Le, the app can still be used as KORG Module.

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Frequent Ableton Live Tutorial – Groove Theory

Frequent details his process for sound design, songwriting, arrangement, mixing, and creating a tune from the ground-up during his production masterclass at the Music District’s Producer Meetup: Groove Theory.

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Filmed December 19, 2018 at the Music District in Fort Collins, CO.

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Frequent Bio:
“Frequent” is the sum of my creative output – an ongoing experiment into what is possible with sound. Be it movie sound effects or natural soundscapes, the sonic realm has always fascinated me. Ultimately though, electronic music has inspired me to become an artist from day one, and even as I continue to explore new sounds and spaces, heavy bass music will always be at my roots. For years I have been working to push my sound design and composition skills in an attempt to leave my mark on the “neuro” community – a niche genre with heavy emphasis on impressive bass design and technical arrangements. After countless hours working with this type of music, Frequent finally has its own defined sound, one that I only intend to push even further. Distinct reese basses, compelling soundscapes, immense layering and meticulous arrangements are the key components to my compositions, and each of these elements is something I strive to expand on with every release.

– Frequent (Nolan Petruska)

The Music District is a music-centric gathering place to cultivate talents, support professional development and encourage connections; a home to anyone who appreciates music.

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