Confronting COVID virtual town hall | CBC News: The National Special Edition

Canadians put their questions about the worsening COVID-19 pandemic to experts during an interactive two-hour special, hosted by Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang.


00:00 Confronting COVID The National Town Hall
03:10 Is there a safe way to gather for the holidays?
04:39 When someone isn’t wearing a mask properly…
07:03 How do we navigate COVID skeptics, rule-breakers?
08:51 Why does Canada have so few hospital beds?
12:22 Concern about cross-region shopping during lockdowns
14:06 Do you need the vaccine if you’ve already had COVID-19?
17:26 How can we be sure the COVID-19 vaccine will work?
19:28 Will the COVID-19 vaccination hurt?
20:40 Pandemic Diaries: Jennifer Lau
22:59 Does the virus mutate?
24:50 The long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?
27:04 How long will it be until we have herd immunity?
29:54 What are the challenges of a vaccine campaign?
31:04 When can we stop wearing masks, distancing?
33:28 Who will get the COVID-19 vaccine first?
35:33 Will the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory to attend school?
38:18 Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe to use?
42:12 How Canada’s COVID crisis compares globally
43:28 What’s being done to support people in hospital alone?
46:58 Listening to those living in long-term care
49:21 Is it safe to visit a care home with an outbreak in full PPE?
50:43 The mental health impact of the pandemic
55:40 COVID-19 pressure on Manitoba’s health-care system
56:29 147 people at B.C. care home have COVID-19
58:22 Manitoba reports record 16 COVID-19 deaths
58:58 Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan
59:46 Research into COVID-19 long-haulers
01:04:12 Wave of bankruptcies may follow pandemic recovery
01:06:15 India slams Trudeau’s comments on farmer protests
01:06:45 Delhi grapples with COVID-19 surge, air pollution
01:11:07 Parenting during pandemic uncertainty
01:13:57 How can you stay safe in shared housing?
01:17:23 COVID cold-weather coping strategies?
01:18:45 Could the 14-day isolation period be shorter?
01:20:45 How do you talk to a COVID-19 skeptic?
01:24:21 Can we see grandma and grandpa for Christmas?
01:27:00 Pandemic Diaries: Beth and Ryan Waller
01:28:34 How long will it take to vaccinate everyone?
01:30:28 Will teachers have to get the COVID-19 vaccine?
01:33:39 Pandemic Diaries: Leah Gibbons
01:35:13 Point of entry COVID testing vs. exit testing?
01:37:05 What gives you hope for 2021

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The National is CBC’s flagship nightly news program, featuring the day’s top stories with in-depth and original journalism, with hosts Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang in Toronto, Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver and the CBC’s chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa.

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