Contemporary Dance Class #12 – Warm up sequence – roll down roll up #2 Italia Conti Virtual

This is video has one exercise from warm up a series. The contemporary classes we upload will reflect the normal structure of Lisa Rowley’s masterclasses at The Italia Conti academy and at the Italia Conti arts centre.

Disclaimer of liability

You should consult your physician/doctor or health care provider before starting any exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing injuries or physical conditions.

The illustrated exercises and suggested training programs provided by Italia Conti and Italia Conti Virtual is for general informational purposes only.

The illustrated exercises and suggested training programs contained within this content has been put together by trained professionals at Italia Conti, however all dance and exercise related activity is done at your own risk.

It is the viewers obligation to select the correct level of class, suitable for their physical abilities and to be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

Although we are confident that the information and exercises are beneficial, you the viewer assume all risk of injury, including death therefrom, in connection with your use of the information and programs provided by Italia Conti and
Italia Conti Virtual.

Under no circumstances do we accept any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of this website or Youtube Channel or reliance on any information provided on this Website and Youtube Channel

By pressing play and watching the video, you thereby confirm that you have read, understood and agree with this Disclaimer of Liability


ICV is a catalogue of technical online training for the performing arts.

Who is ICV?
Italia Conti is a Performing Arts College from London in the United Kingdom. With over 100yrs experience our students have gone to dominate the catwalk, the music industry, stage and screen.
We offer quality training in a broad spectrum of skills to prepare students for careers in the performing arts industry. The college provides a stimulating, positive and constructive environment designed to teach and develop skills that are necessary for the student to succeed in an artistic environment. Our philosophy is to make learning so exciting that it will be enjoyed to the fullest.
We are taking our recipe of success out of the classroom and going online.

What is our aim?
Our aim is to provide our reputable and proven training through online courses designed for those wishing to improve or maintain their technique.

Who is it for?
ICV is an online catalogue of technique, tips, lectures and classes. ICV is designed to benefit every category of performer from developing the technique of the learner to helping polish and maintain the skills of the professional. ICV has something for everyone.

More about Italia Conti…

We were founded in 1911 by Italia Conti the renowned Italia Performance artist. As Principle of the Academy, Italia Conti insisted on high standards and training geared to create a triple threat musical theatre performer. Over the years our educational provision has grown in response to demand from it’s school base into higher education with both a musical theatre and acting only provision. We have now been running 107 years.

Our mission is to provide excellent training, education and support that produces exceptional multi talented graduates who acquire the very best roles available, develop successful long-term careers and, in turn, contribute to the education and training of their successors at Italia Conti

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