How to travel the world during pharmacy school | MUDIT VERMA

Have you ever been curious about how to travel during pharmacy school?

Or do you want a nontraditional pharmacy rotation? Or have you been curious about writing for the pharmacy times during school?

No lie I was one of those people in pharmacy school that didn’t think you could travel around the world. Sure. We did like those ASHP midyear trips to Vegas or chilled in LA, but nothing really crazy.

Recently I met one of my viewers and Refugee Hustle readers, Mudit Verma. He’s currently graduating from the University of Maryland and writes for the Pharmacy Times.

In today’s video, we talk about Mudit’s travels to 6 different countries during pharmacy school with medical missions.

We also talk about what it’s like doing a pharmacy rotation at the FDA, coping with bipolar disorder during school, and what it’s like writing articles for the Pharmacy Times.

If you want to learn how to travel the world during school, struggling with mental health, and want to do MORE with your pharmacy career, watch this video.

As always there’s timestamps below if you want to skip around. Also subscribe, like, and share this video so you can help other pharmacists.

Mudit’s IG:

Time stamps 🕒
3:59 How Indian families Mudit’s influenced him go into pharmacy
8:39 How Mudit got to travel in pharmacy school
13:39 What is it like to go on a medical missions
19:58 How Mudit traveled to Australia for his rotations
24:38 What it’s like practicing outside the US
26:51 What was it like doing a rotation at the FDA
34:17 The difference between professional mental health support vs homie advice
36:31 How Mudit dealt with bipolar diagnosis during a professional environment
41:27 What pharmacists can do to make mental health less taboo
44:13 The stigma of mental health in Indian and Asian culture
45:31 What you can do to be a better friend with someone with a mental illness
46:55 Barriers to mental illness with employment and no experience
49:47 How to breakout beyond the hospital and community and get involved with medical writing
52:11 How do you make time in pharmacy school to do extra projects
57:01 What’s next career wise for Mudit



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