IPSC Quick Tips – Stage Tips #1 (E15)

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There are a lot of things you must consider when analyzing a stage and developing your Stage Plan. The Rules of Thumb & Stage Tips video episodes will provide you with information / factors that you should consider while analyzing stages in the development of your Stage Plan.

It takes a lot of understanding of IPSC shooting and experience before you become proficient at analyzing stages and developing efficient and effective Stage Plans. There are some Rules of Thumb, tips and shooting techniques that I can provide you and that you may wish to consider while analyzing a stage and developing your Stage Plan. Remember, Rules of Thumb are not hard and fast rules but they have merit for consideration and may provide you with an advantage if used / considered while shooting a stage. As well, knowing and considering Rules of Thumb, other tips and shooting techniques is a great way to getting your thought process flowing as you start your stage analysis. You need to ask yourself questions like….

What if I start on the Left, Right, Front or Back? What may those start locations mean in terms of advantages I can gain considering the knowledge I have of Rules of Thumb, other tips and shooting techniques?

You need factors to consider while analyzing a stage as these factors will help you breakdown the stage and provide you potential insight to what the best plan of action (Stage Plan) is considering your skill level, your comfort zone and experience.

In Stage Tips #1, I discuss the following:

– how to place your mag(s) for an unloaded table start;
– how to place your mag(s) throughout a stage on barrels / tables / shelves, etc as part of the Start Procedure;
– why not to leave any mags in your pouches if the Start Procedure requires you to place the mags you intend to use throughout a stage on barrels, etc;
– why you should place ALL your mags out through a stage if the Start Procedure requires you to place the mags you intend to use through the stage on barrel, etc; and
– how to shoot through a port.… what not to do.

Figure out what works for you. You need to shoot the way things work best for you. Feel comfortable when executing a technique as that will likely result in you being smooth and fast but you need to try out different methods, call them Rules of Thumb or whatever you like… You need try different techniques and understand why a specific technique works better for you. Understanding the “why” will help you improve your shooting performance. Try new techniques / tactics / rules of thumb / tips. Don’t just stick with what you know and are comfortable with. When trying something new, don’t try it for the first time during a match, practice the technique first many times and get comfortable with the technique first before using it in a match. Don’t expect to be proficient executing a new technique after one practice session. It takes time to perfect a new technique especially when you are trying to change what you were doing before. Be patient and practice a new technique slowly and correctly.

Hope these tips come in handy.

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