ISKME's OER "Teachers As Makers" Professional Development Workshop, Day 2

How to get high-quality reusable digital materials into the hands of teachers? Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons and ISKME’s teacher training workshops make it easier for teachers to find, use, and improve upon freely available curricular materials from around the world.

The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, or ISKME, is the creator of OER Commons, a network for sharing teaching and learning materials, and leads open educational resource trainings for teachers.

This video offers highlights from Day 2 of ISKME’s two-day OER “Teachers As Makers” Professional Development Workshop, taking place in NY October 2010. Teaming up with Maker Faire, the largest Do-it-yourself exposition in the world, ISKME offers a new experience for hands-on making for the classroom and using design thinking and project-based learning approaches to engage students in new ways.

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