Manifesting Paradise – A Profundity Of Spiritual Teachings and Matali's Own Miraculous Revelations.

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Matali – Steven John Prowse

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Matali – Speaker Bio

Since 1964 at the age of 3, Steven John Prowse, known by his followers as Matali, has been continually receiving divinely given messages & profound insights for humanity.

As a young man, Matali lived alone as a renunciant hermit in the remote rainforest of tropical Australia for two years while he meditated and became more deeply attuned to the Divine realms & nature, experiencing several profoundly life- changing miracles.
Later, he lived with the traditional Lardil and Kaidilt Australian aboriginal tribal peoples on a remote tropical island for two years, where he was adopted by a tribal elder and appointed his tribal name, Matali; which means ‘Sea Eagle’.

Matali is a deeply spiritual channel who has spent most of his life living in nature and communing with Source.

In 2013 Matali self published ‘Manifesting Paradise’ – The book of The Manifesting Paradise Teachings – a profoundly insightful manual for personal, global and planetary healing that was channeled daily over a 12 month period.

Matali is owner of ‘Sacred Waters Healing Sanctuary’ an 80 acre certified organic/biodynamic farm & eco-spiritual healing & educational retreat centre – located in the top end of Australia where he holds regular healing retreats & educational programs.

Matali is also a gifted multi- instrumentalist & composer of healing music and recently released his first studio album ‘Beautiful’ with the purpose of instilling much needed peace, calmness & deep relaxation for the world.

When asked, Who he is? or What he is? Matali answers with humble sincerity– ‘I am love’

Matali has been an organic farmer and nurseryman for 30 years and was a founding member of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia.
With extensive backgrounds in natural health, healing, organic farming, self-sufficiency, agroforestry and yoga. – Matali has also worked as an Organic farming & Permaculture trainer, and as a Climate Change & crop diversification consultant – as well as being a regular public speaker and article writer on sustainability & spirituality issues.

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