Caitlin Yeo – APRA Songwriters' Workshop

Caitlin Yeo is a highly accomplished and successful screen composer who loves telling stories with music. She has scored on over 20 TV and cinema documentaries including Bomb Harvest, Ochre and Ink, My America, and Footy Chicks; and on five feature films including All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane, Black and White and Sex, Jucy, and The Rocket. Caitlin won the 2011 APRA Professional Development Award and the 2007 APRA Screen Music award (Best Music for Bomb Harvest). In November of 2012 she was nominated for an APRA-AGSC Screen Music award for her score on the TV series Seduction in the City: The Birth of Shopping.

Free Retouching Preview To The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography With Rob Grimm

This Food Photography tutorial is a complete look at getting started and taking your food photography and retouching to the next level. If you are serious about offering food photography as a service, this course is essential for crafting your composition, style, and ability to craft light and build stellar images in post-production.

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This is the most comprehensive tutorial available anywhere. It will guide you through gear selection, understanding shape & form, creating a sense of place & time, basic food styling techniques, in-studio portfolio work, and location assignments, along with marketing and pricing strategies for food photography. Upon completion of this course, photographers of any level will gain a deeper understanding of industry best practices, greater knowledge of equipment spanning all price points, lighting knowledge for any scenario, better approaches to food styling, and most importantly, proper image composition.

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PRO EDU celebrates the priceless knowledge of working professionals by sharing the secrets of their experiences through online tutorials. Our students are photographers, graphic designers, retouching artists, filmmakers, and other creative entrepreneurs who desire to apply these transformative lessons to invent (and reinvent) their own business and artistic success. All of our instructors convey their invaluable knowledge through our comprehensive online tutorials revealing the secrets of their success in business.

DIY Series: Navigating Showcases and Festivals

DIY Series: Navigating Showcases and Festivals
April 25, 2018
Manitoba Music
Oriane Rosner, AIM
Mike Falk, TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival
Robyn Stewart, BreakOut West

Showcases and festivals are great opportunities for artists to develop in new markets and reach fans and industry professionals who would not otherwise have the chance to see their live show. As these can be milestone performances for artists, it’s important to know when to submit, how to submit, and what festival or showcase programmers are looking for in an application. Beyond just being accepted to perform, this workshop will also discuss what an artist and their team must do in order to make the most of a showcase or festival performance.

The Royal Ballet morning class in full – World Ballet Day 2018

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Morning class features a series of barre exercises, as well as floor work. Royal Ballet dancers take class six days a week to warm up for rehearsals and performances

MTNA Conference 2020 Chicago – 5 Reasons for Professional Development

MTNA Conference 2020 Chicago – 5 Reasons for Professional Development

Attend the MTNA Conference 2020? Top 5 Reasons Why Professional Development Is Important For Personal Growth and Profitability In Your Teaching Studio – Dr. Gary Ingle

MTNA Conference 2020 Glory St. Germain’s Ultimate Music Interview with the distinguished Dr. Gary Ingle – Executive Director & CEO of MTNA the Music Teachers National Association.

Dr. Ingle reveals the “Top 5 Reasons Why Professional Development Is Important For Personal Growth And Profitability In Your Teaching Studio”

Plus you can visit the Ultimate Music Theory Booth #416 on the 7th floor and Enter To Win $6500 Value Gift!

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3 Master Keys To Teach Music Theory Effectively – Monday, March 23, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

Ultimate Music Theory’s Glory St. Germain reveals how to teach music theory in an effective way with mnemonics! Change Frustration into Motivation – NLP Techniques that change everything! Increase income using the Proven UMT Plan!

Musicians Mnemonics & Vocabulary
NLP Techniques for VAK Learners
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Best Music Maker Software 2016 – Free Trial


Subject: Dr. Drum Beat Maker Review
The Dr. Drum beat maker is a new program geared towards beginners who want to create kick-ass beats without spending hours learning how to operate a complex
It has a wide range of features, such as a 16-track sequencer, four-octave keyboard and 12-pad drum machine, and promises ease of use combined with professional quality. I’ve parted with my $40, downloaded the program and started making my own beats, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts.

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JBSystems Taurus LED – – demo officielle vous présente :
– le jeu de lumière à LED de JBSystems : Taurus
– jeu de lumière à LED d’ une puissance et d’ un attrait exceptionnels
– organisé en 7 groupes de LED comportant un total de 84 LED de puissance
21 rouges, 21 vertes, 21 bleues et 21 blanches
– fonction gradateur allant de 0 à 100 %
– fonction stroboscope ultra-rapide
– excellent programmes intégrés donnant lieu à de splendides light-shows successifs
– contrôle via DMX : choix entre 1, 3, 9, ou 28 canaux pour exploiter au mieux
les 7 groupes de LED
– mode autonome : fonctionne seul au rythme de la musique grâce au micro interne
– mode maître / esclave : permet de créer de magnifiques shows synchronisés
– en option, une télécommande CA-8 est disponible
– écran digital à 4 chiffres fonctionnant sur base de menus
– vous pouvez assembler 4 jeux à laide du support CPB-4 en option afin d obtenir
un effet LED central super impressionnant
– consommation de courant très faible, seulement 12 watts

– dimensions en mm : largeur 320 x profondeur 246 x hauteur 192
– poids du Taurus seul : 2 kg

Awesome American recording artist and songwriter Chris Keil

Artist name:Chris Keil

Christopher Saadiq Keil (born October 22, 1995) is an American recording artist and songwriter he performs under alias Chris Keil. Raised in Newark, New Jersey and growing up with a caribbean culture the passion for music was embedded into his heart. In middle school he would have all his raps typed and made a portfolio of his lyrics. Pursuing his dream he wouldn’t even sleep for months until a song was done. Eventually Chris released his first project “Young & Unlucky” mixtape on February 14, 2013 to kickstart his career.

Following up with releasing his Floral EP on November 23, 2018.

“Chris Keil Is He Up Next?”