@Percussion 235 Tribute to Alan Abel

Matthew Strauss – Houston Symphony, Rice University
Tom Bowden – freelance percussionist in South Florida, who wrote his DMA essay on Mr. Abel’s techniques
Ted Atkatz – former Principal Percussionist of the Chicago Symphony, Colburn School, founder Ted Atkatz Percussion Seminar
Matt Flanders – one of Mr. Abel’s last students at Temple University

0:00 Intro and Hello
2:30 What would Mr. Abel being saying about the current state of COVID-19?
6:40 Him as a person. His great playing ability in his old age.
14:35 Your last lesson with Mr. Abel? Tom’s dissertation project?
21:22 Timing with orchestras. Auditions.
34:25 How did he approach contemporary percussion?
39:00 Ted and CSO, and the documentary
44:20 Alan Abel’s influence (Ben names symphonies and university positions)
49:35 Personal stories
59:00 When is it time to bring your own personality into Mr. Abel’s style? Different halls.
Summer happenings.

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