Professional Development Opportunities Sara Campbell

Professional Development Opportunities Sara Campbell

Are you overwhelmed with Professional Development opportunities? Don’t know where to start?

No more procrastinating! Tune in to learn how to A.I.M. and make progress with all those courses, conference materials, and webinars you’ve got sitting around.

Join Glory St Germain and Special Guest Sara Campbell – teacher, entrepreneur, coach, techie and all things musical , as they share 3 brilliant ideas you can use to implement your professional development right now. Don’t miss this one!

Sara Campbell – Biz Coach is a piano and voice entrepreneur who loves to share creative teaching ideas, savvy business practices, and cutting edge technology tips. You’ll find her offering up expertise on her Facebook Live broadcasts, and with Upbeat Piano Teachers, Tim Topham Creative Piano Teaching Inner Circle, and The SpeakEasy Cooperative, a group for independent voice teachers. Her passions include yoga, cats, wine, and working with fabulous teachers all around the world.

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Professional Development Opportunities Sara Campbell


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