Professional Roofing Contractor Services Commercial HC47a With Background Music Video Effects Lab

Professional Roofing Contractor Services Commercial HC47a

Please quote video ID HC47a when ordering this Professional Roofing Contractor Services Video Commercial. This video has background music so differs from HC47

We at Video Effects Lab provide highly engaging and professional video commercials for the home contractor.

We have a wide range of “off the shelf” home contractor videos that are affordable and highly professional. We offer customization to your business with the addition of two animated stingers.

To order videos from our Home Contractor Services page simply quote the Video ID number (Home Contractor videos begin with HC) and choose two animations that you would like added to the video.

Note in our examples, we have included two animations to help give you an idea as to what your finished product would look like.

Updating your website? Now is the perfect time to add some promo video commercials to get new clients.

Home Contractor Commercials

Plumbing comemrcials:

Electrician Commercials :

Automotive Promotional Videos;

Dental Office Commercials:

Attorney-AT-Law Commercials

Home Contractor Promo Videos

HC38 Roofer Repair, Replacement or Maintenance

HC39 Professional Roofer, Gutter Repair or Maintenance – UK

HC39a Roofer – Gutter Repair or Maintenance – US

HC40 Professional Roofing Contractor Video Commercial ID HC40

HC40a Professional Roofing Contractor

HC41 Professional Waterproofing Specialist

HC42 Professional Roofing Contractor UK

HC43 Window Repair and Replacement Contractors

HC43a Window Replacement and Service Contractors

HC44 Window Repair and Replacement Contractors

HC45 Window Replacement and Service Contractors

HC46 Professional Solar Energy Contractor Specialists

HC47 Professional Roofing Contractor

Stingers are small video clips that are inserted before or after a video, oftentimes both.

These are called intro stingers and outro stingers. We also have logo stingers, which showcase your business logo.

When you choose one of our done for you video commercials you get to choose two animated video effect stingers from our entire portfolio.

If you already have a business video commercial you would like to use you can come visit our website and purchase two stingers and we will add them to your video for you free of charge.

You may also select some video overlays for even more added effect.

Video animations help keep visitors glued to your website. they can aslo be used in your social media marketing to help build brand awareness – in other words get your business name known and recognized.

Updating your website? Our videos are great for freshening up your website with some new and interesting content.

Questions? Just drop us a line at and we wll get back to you asap.

We look forward to working with you 🙂

No matter what your business niche we can provide you with an animated opener (intro) and outro that is branded to your business.

For more information, get in touch!

The video stingers displayed in the above video is just a tiny sample of what we can provide.

Interested? Drop us a line and let’s discuss your business needs. 100% no obligation.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality video services at affordable cost.

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