The utterDuck Midi Music Arranger Advanced – a Howto

Create a brand new arrangement of any MIDI music piece using the You can replace any melodic Instrument with a different melodic Instrument using a simple mouse drag and drop. You can replace any percussion Instrument with a different percussion Instrument. Click the Open button to open a music file and the instruments in the music piece will be placed on the top row. Your new arrangement will be in the middle row. The bottom row contains Instruments that you can drag and drop on to the middle row to replace the instruments being used. The category selector to the left of the bottom row allows you to select different sets of Instruments that you can use to drag and drop on to the middle row to replace the instruments being used. You can also remove any Instruments you do not want to hear from your new arrangement in the middle row by dragging that Instrument to the trash can. Play the original piece by clicking the top play button. Play your new arrangement by clicking the bottom play button.

The Advanced or Premium version covers Percussion instrument removal and replacement in addition to the extended categories of Melodic instrument removal and replacement .

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