WorldCanvass – Pursuing Racial Justice

The United States is undoubtedly undergoing a period of reckoning over race, not only a reexamination of our historical past, but a present-day challenge to what many perceive as institutional racism, injustice in policing and judicial systems, inequality of opportunity based on race and ethnicity, and a lack of diversity in our public institutions which serves to perpetuate inequities and minimize the claims of those who feel underrepresented.

Segment 1–Introspection and action (Time 0:00 – 29:18)
David Ryfe—director and professor, UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Liz Tovar—interim associate vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion, University of Iowa
Denise Martinez—associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Segment 2– Music from the margins (Time 29:19 – 58:31)
Damani Phillips—associate professor of jazz and African American studies, UI School of Music
William Jones—director of orchestral studies and visiting emeritus professor, UI School of Music
Mark Heidel—director of bands and professor, UI School of Music

Segment 3–Campus/community engagement on social justice and belonging (Time 58:33 – 1:29:37)
Loyce Arthur—associate professor, UI Department of Theatre Arts
An Duplan—author, poet, founder of the Center for Afrofuturist Studies
Marcia Bollinger–neighborhood outreach coordinator, City of Iowa City

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